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Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic Floor EMBS 350 ~


This treatment is non-invasive and is done with clothes on. The device looks similar to a couch cushion. As you sit on the cushion the HIEMT energy is emitted upwards into the pelvic floor. The electromagnetic pulses contract the pelvic floor 20,000 times in 30 min, resulting in stronger muscles. A series of 4 treatments are completed per week. A series can be repeated in 4-6 weeks, or weekly until desired strength is achieved. HIEMT treatments can improve bladder control & sexual performance in male and females.

Vaginal Tightening 800 ~


360 Tightening HIFU, improves moisture in vaginal tissue and natural lubrication. Gentle non-invasive, no downtime, and no recovery. Firming effect to improve sex life. Improves private sensitivity by cell regeneration, & eliminates dryness. Comprehensive improvement of private health and reducing infection. Treatments are once a month, series of 3-5 is recommended. Yes, the device is inserted. Packages available with consultation.