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Korean FaceLift

Facials offer refreshing deep clean and anti aging benefits. Book a consult to find out which facial is best for you. We offer medical grade skin care in all of our facial products.

Ultrasonic Korean Face-Lift


UltraSonic Korean Face Lift includes the full face, eyes, & neck areas.

Treatment is designed to reshape your youthful contours by lifting loose parts, removing excess facial fat, smoothing lines, and restoring a sharper jawline.

Lipo UltraShap+ is the newest, non-invasive technology that automatically scans the skin, and precisely permanently destroys 20-40% of the subcutaneous fat with each treatment. This aids in lasting permanent fat removal in areas like the double chin, and buccal area. The Korean Facelift includes this sculpting, however it is not necessary if you do not want to remove the fat, the treatment is customised to your desires.

Ultrasonic technology rapidly tightens around eye bags, double chin, and slack cheeks, sag in the corners of eyes, and even enhance the line of the eyebrows. Smoothing wrinkles instantly, it eliminates forehead lines, fades neck lines, and prevents neck ageing.

The treatment feels like a tingle, and no marks are seen afterwards. Our Korean FaceLift will restore skin elasticity and leave it glowing with brighter complexion. The treatment is optimal for facial veins and rosacea. Especially since the treatment is not photosensitive, and without downtime, it is the preferred treatment for men as well as sensitive skin types.

We can notice 5-20% changes the same day, and 80% of the effect is observed within the first 20 days. However, skin tightening and collagen formation takes time. The full effect is observed in 3 months. Long lasting results, lasting 1-3 years. If desired, the treatment can be repeated after 3 or 4 months, and repeated up to 3 to 5 times.

We recommend it paired with:

RF MicroNeedling for scarring, neck lines, & excess skin around eyes and neck. Elos IPL for uneven skin tone. Book your free initial consultation to establish your ideal treatment plan.

Our Clients Says

An Tran Customer

I'm pretty new to the world of skin treatments and recently decided to treat myself to a facial skin tightening session. Wow -- absolutely zero regrets. Alex was so wonderful; lovely to chat to and very knowledgeable about skincare. The whole experience was so soothing and relaxing, and I left with my skin feeling at least 10 years younger (I'm in my 30s). I loved it so much I purchased additional sessions on the spot. Can't wait to come back to pamper myself some more!

Amanda Ames Customer

I have had such an amazing experience with Alexis Medi Spa over the years. Alex and her staff are so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. I've recieved multiple different treatments, I started with laser hair removal then anti-aging skin services, and recently started body sculpting program, which I absolutely love the results! I highly recommend Alex and her team.

Jennifer Grimwood Customer

I am so pleased with my results already and I have more sessions still to go with Jitka. She just knows what you need. With her skills and experience, I trust her to utilize laser or other methods for my concerns. Alexis Medi Spa is easy to find and a short walk to free parking in the inner city! It is clean and welcoming. Get in there early as they will be so busy come summer!

Kali Harris Customer

The ladies at Alexis Medi Spa are fantastic. They provided me with the best options for my skin concerns and were respectful of my budget. Within 2 appointments, my skin has started to clear up drastically. They are very knowledgeable and make you feel very comfortable.

Sarah A Customer

So happy I stumbled upon Alexis Laser & Spa! Alex is the real deal. Her treatments work and her prices are really good! I did laser hair removal and RF. She always runs promos so it’s always worth it! Alex is super nice and very knowledgeable so it’s an added bonus every time I do a session with her, as she gives great advice on literally everything!

Diana McCall Customer

Alexandra spent time with me talking about various facial options and then we made the decision based on her assessment of my aged skin and my goals. Nothing was rushed. No factory feeling here. She was gentle and kind and I absolutely loved her.

Amber Macleod Customer

My experience with Jitka was amazing. She sweet,made me feel comfortable with all she was doing & shes very knowledgeable, knows exactly what you need. I noticed results before leaving the spa. I'm now on day four,and I'm very pleased with my full results at this point. Looking forward to see her again soon.

Vip Pixel Customer

I felt totally comfortable with Jitka. She is very knowledgeable. I had a laser facial for my neck and face and issues of redness and some scarring were immediately improved. Alexis Medi Spa is comfortable, bright and professional.

Eman Seoud Customer

I love the spa. I went in for body sculpting and it was so relaxing. Alexandra was so kind and made the whole experience comfortable and enjoyable. I look forward to coming back for the rest of my sessions.